Miami Traffic Tickets Lawyer

Why pay the traffic ticket or suffer a permanent stain in your record when you can work with a Florida traffic ticket lawyer who will act as your legal representative and shield you from the said ticket? Not to mention the urgent need to have someone defend you in the court of law in case you’re facing a criminal punishment.

Even though there’s a great number of drivers in Florida and Miami, not many people know that one single ticket can cause the insurance rates to jump as high as 30%. What’s more, the driving record is public, meaning that any stain on it could affect your future lifestyle and employment. This is precisely why traffic tickets lawyers at Traffic Ticket Shield work relentlessly to dispute the charges against you.

Did You Know?

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There are several traffic ticket details that you probably didn’t know. For starters, even if the camera catches you go through the red light, you cannot get license points in Florida if there was no officer present at the scene. Furthermore, if there are any errors on the ticket, including the fields left blank, you have every right to dispute the ticket.

Traffic Ticket Shield

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At our traffic ticket lawyer Miami office, you can schedule a free lawyer consultation for traffic tickets. We at Traffic Ticket Shield offer an affordable legal representation that can fit all sorts of budgets without compromising the quality and efficiency of our services. That said, don’t hesitate to explore all of your legal options and have your case represented properly.