If you get caught breaking a traffic rule or violating the law, you will be issued a ticket that outlines what law you broke and the charges applied for breaking the said traffic law. Dealing with a traffic ticket is an overwhelming and stressful act. However, in case you believe you have a reason to dismiss traffic ticket, then do not hesitate to do so and fight the charges as well.

It’s not uncommon for mistakes to occur on the traffic ticket i.e. have the police officer fill in incorrect information due to being in a hurry, mishearing you, or misspelling something. If you find any incorrect information on traffic ticket, make sure to have an attorney handle your case and go to the nearest traffic court to dismiss the traffic ticket for you.

How to Get a Traffic Ticket Dismissed for Wrong Information

The most important thing you should check after you get the ticket is that the given personal information is correct or whether there’s an officer sign on it. If the officer didn’t sign the ticket, this automatically annuls its legality. This will work in your favor as the ticket cannot be legally charged, making you free from further procedures of law and court.

Furthermore, check for any incorrect information on the traffic ticket when it comes to the driving aspect. Essentially, the ticket should state that the listed vehicle is yours together with the vehicle description and the speed you were driving at. If the information is incorrect, such as the vehicle color, for example, you have a chance to get out of the charges.

Don’t just look for wrong information on the traffic ticket, but also potential missing information. In case your speeding is documented but there’s no mention of the place where the speeding happened, you can use this to your advantage. After all, the precise place of the traffic violation is necessary for the speeding information to be considered valid as well.

Is There Any Wrong Information on Traffic Ticket?

As mentioned, it’s not uncommon for officers to make a mistake when filling out your traffic ticket. They might hear you incorrectly, make a spelling error, or simply fail to fill everything out due to the current situation on the road. That said, if you’re already thinking about how to get a ticket dismissed for wrong information, make it a point to check the essentials immediately such as your name and other personal details, vehicle description, the place and speeding information, etc.

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Keep an Eye on Potentially Faulty Equipment

Sometimes there’s a fault in the system. It might be that the radar, camera, and lights maintenance has been put off due to the high winds and thunderstorms. The officer could neglect the upkeep and use defective equipment.

This equipment captures sensitive information. If you can prove that there was a fault in the radar or something else that indicates that the ticket citation is flawed, then you can easily get out of the case in court and dismiss the traffic ticket successfully. Of course, if you’re not sure how to deal with this particular issue yourself, don’t hesitate to hire a traffic lawyer for professional assistance.   

The Question of the Vehicle

For more tips on how to get a ticket dismissed for wrong information, turn to the vehicle description. After all, the incorrect information on the traffic ticket may not be your personal info but the model or color of your vehicle, the plate and license number, etc. This can instantly dispute the citation.

So, how to get a traffic ticket dismissed in this case? You have to prove that the vehicle mentioned in the ticket is not yours by bringing your vehicle documents where the correct info about the vehicle is already registered with the owner’s name and all the information needed.

Traffic Ticket Dismissal

Regardless of whether there’s wrong information on traffic ticket or not, you might not be able to dispute the citation if you don’t know your way around the court and traffic law. It would be best to discuss your options on how to get a traffic ticket dismissed with a professional before showing up yourself or even hire an attorney to do the disputing in your stead.

It’s also important to consider different points and ways you could go about defending yourself against the charges.

In Case You Are Guilty

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Consider the element on which you have been charged. If you are charged with breaking the law or going over the speed limit, tell the judge about the issue that created it. For example, if you were driving to a hospital or had an otherwise serious situation, it might be helpful to use the situation as a way to explain yourself and avoid being labeled as an irresponsible driver.

Subjective Officer Observation

If you believe that the officer’s judgment was misguided as your action was safe, make sure to use this as well. For example, the light might have still been yellow when you intersected but the officer claims that you went through the red light.

The officer might also issue a ticket based on their subjective opinion. You might feel like the turn you made was perfectly safe and legal while the officer may think differently. Both your perspectives have to be taken into account when trying to dispute a ticket this way.

The judge will decide whom to believe. It’s in cases like these when having a traffic lawyer by your side can be very helpful since you’ll be going against a person with a badge.

If you decide to be a driver you can expect that you’ll have to deal with a traffic ticket at some point in your driving career. Regardless of whether it’s a speeding ticket, red light violation, or some other issue with traffic law, you can never go wrong by inspecting your ticket in detail. Any information that was filled out incorrectly or is missing completely can be used to your benefit to dismiss the traffic ticket altogether. Not to mention other options that you have such as faulty equipment, the officer’s subjective observation, and so on.

Keep in mind though that even though it may seem easy to dispute a citation when there’s incorrect ticket information at hand, things can get complicated quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing. This is why we at Traffic Ticket Shield take it upon ourselves to represent your case and take you through the traffic law and court proceedings unscathed. We are 100% on the side of our respected clients, not only by delivering great results but also by offering our professional legal services for a very reasonable price. You can always count on us to take your case seriously and go far and beyond to help you arrive at the best possible outcome.