One of the most frequent questions asked to a traffic ticket attorney is how to fight a speeding ticket. Florida speeding tickets are the most common traffic tickets issued by a police officer in this state. The reality is that people usually don’t know how to fight a speeding ticket as they are unaware of the available options. They usually decide to go the “easy” route and pay the ticket even though they might believe the whole ordeal to be unfair. At this point, an experienced Miami lawyer may help.

If we exceed the speed of more than 15mph, three or four points will be added to our license. This conviction for speeding may stay on our driving record, resulting in an increase in insurance rates. However, there is a way to avoid all this; by actually fighting a speeding ticket with professional lawyer assistance. A Miami lawyer will have a deep understanding of the Florida law related to traffic tickets.That said, let’s see how to fight a speeding ticket in Florida.

Fighting a Speeding Ticket in Florida

There is only one way to dispute a speeding ticket in Florida and it’s by fighting the ticket in a traffic court. It always seems disconcerting to go to court and do everything possible to prove our innocence. Instead of taking this action, many people simply opt to pay the fine. Apart from accepting the speeding ticket, there are also drivers who appear in a traffic court alone and try to fight the case by themselves. Oftentimes, they fail to represent themselves properly due to poor knowledge of the law and how things work in court.

This is precisely why it’s always recommended to hire an experienced traffic lawyer when fighting a speeding ticket in Florida’s traffic court.

Remember, a speeding ticket can be issued for different forms of unlawful speed. Against all these forms, certain conditions must be met. For example, the traffic and weather must be determined if the ticket is issued for going over the speed limit for the specific conditions. Other convictions may include exceeding the speed limit in general, exceeding the speed limit in a school or work area, impeding traffic, going under the recommended speed, etc.

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What to Keep in Mind When Fighting a Florida Speeding Ticket

There is no magic spell that works instantly against a Florida speeding ticket, but there are some tips and techniques that may help one get out of it.

The first and most important thing for fighting a speeding ticket is to understand the speeding laws of Florida.

Before paying the fine, it’s very important to know the risks associated with it. If we pay the ticket, it means that we’re accepting the guilt. This will result in an increase in auto insurance rates, the issuance of points on our license, and damage to our driving record.

Another important consideration is to look into the services of an experienced and trained speeding ticket lawyer as they may prove to be an excellent help through the entire process. In case we receive a speeding ticket, there’s no need to pay it off and face the penalties; instead, hire an attorney to dispute it or lower the fine at least. They will get to the nitty-gritty details of the ticket and explore all options. For instance, an attorney will check whether the officer has properly established that it was indeed the client who was operating the vehicle or perhaps not.

By hiring a Miami lawyer for a Florida speeding ticket case, we can count that they will provide the best type of service due to the familiarity of the state’s traffic laws as well as the way things work when it comes to actual traffic.

That said, the lawyer can verify whether the officer who issued the ticket had the proper training to operate the speed measuring device. The officer may have used a laser, VASCAR, radar, pacing, etc. to determine the speed of the vehicle. As there are separate requirements for each device, the speeding ticket attorney will make sure that all the requirements are established in court.  Moreover, they will also make sure that the officer has performed the accuracy checks on the speed measuring device.

People often think that hiring a lawyer is a rather costly endeavor that will prove quite pointless compared to the fine they have to pay. But it’s not just fine, is it? There are also the mentioned points and the increase in the insurance rates. On the other hand, hiring a lawyer to contest a traffic ticket, especially a speeding one, doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Since these particular traffic cases are rather straightforward, clients can usually count on a flat rate when working with a reputable lawyer. What’s more, turning to professionals for help in cases like these may end up saving us money in the long run as well.

Get Informed About the Rules of a Traffic Court

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To fight a Florida speeding ticket, it’s essential to know the rules and workings of a traffic court. For example, in order to get to a trial, we need to wait for a few hours but be careful not to miss the deadline! Moreover, we have to show respect in court by following an appropriate dress code and being polite, regardless of how much we might feel hurt by the unfairness of the whole situation. Try to remain calm and do not lose control of emotions while talking to the judge.

Available Options After Getting a Speeding Ticket

In case we get a speeding ticket in Florida, we have three main options. These include:

  • Paying the ticket and getting the points
  • Paying the ticket and electing traffic school
  • Fighting the speeding ticket

Both first and second options are considered bad as they may affect our driving record. The third option is the best one and it’s highly recommended because fighting a ticket is the only way to dispute the ticket in court and keep the driving record clean. However, whatever the option we decide to go with, it’s essential to inform the court about our decision within 30 days of getting a ticket. Be very mindful of this deadline as it may as well end up being the deciding factor for getting out of the ticket unscathed.

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